A Web-friendly front-end for CSW endpoints

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What is CSW-4-Web?

CSW-4-Web is a proof-of-concept API designed to expose a CSW endpoint in a Web-friendly way.

Basically, it converts the output of CSW calls into an HTML+RDFa representation - i.e., and HTML page, with metadata embedded as per the W3C HTML+RDFa Recommendation. Moreover, it gives access to multiple machine-readable representations of records available from a CSW. More precisely, besides ISO 19139, natively supported by the relevant CSW endpoint, it makes available metadata as per the GeoDCAT-AP specification. All the supported representations and serialisations are also accessible via HTTP content negotiation.

In order to achieve this, the CSW-4-Web API needs only the URL corresponding to the GetCapabilities request of a given CSW endpoint. Based on the available metadata, it returns a description of the relevant endpoint, along with the list of available resources, as well as a detailed description of each of them.

Finally, all these pages are given HTTP URIs based on the following pattern:



Technical details

CSW-4-Web uses a customised version of the GeoDCAT-AP XSLT & API to generate the different pages.

Used CSW request types: GetCapabilities, GetRecords, GetRecordById.

A description of the CSW-4-Web API is available on the dedicated GitHub repository.